Fat Tuesday and the Feminine Mystique

Pig LadyIs it just me? Or do you find that when you’re happy in a relationship, you tend to get a little fluffy?

You would think that great sex would be enough to satisfy that urge to partake of all things sensual. But somehow it magically turns my taste buds into these tools for experiencing heightened flavors of all kinds — and over the past year, every creamy sauce, exotic cheese and sweet dessert has been a fascinating exploration of physical delight. 

Believe me, before Ira came along, I was all about eating popcorn for dinner. 

Mostly because I couldn’t bear to get all those dishes dirty.  And somehow, even though I ate out on a fairly regular basis, those sparse dinners at home kept my weight (for the most part) in check.

But then this wonderful man promised me that if I cooked, he would clean up. And before you could say, “chocolate cherry scones,” I was down the road to 10 extra pounds of love handles.

Apparently I’m not the only woman who has fallen for this type of wooing before. Stephen Colbert interviewed Stephanie Coontz on his show last week, and she called it “Chore-nography.”  Apparently, you can make some women moist just by doing their laundry.

I think Ira saw that episode. Because this past weekend, he was on intimate terms with the washing machine, the dryer, the dishwasher AND he made the bed. Oh my god, he gets me hot.

Which is why I must return his favors with things like herbed roasted chicken and apple pie (two of his favorites). And since tomorrow is Fat Tuesday AND the 1-year anniversary of our first date, I thought I’d try to stomp it really hard and make a Shrimp and Chicken Etouffee for dinner. And possibly some Bananas Foster for dessert.  And then serve it up while wearing a negligee.

(I wonder what Betty Freidan would think.)

Shhh. Don’t tell Ira. I want him to be surprised.

Oh, and if you have a fabulous Mardi Gras-inspired recipe you’d like to share, please link to it here:


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