A Letter from My 80-year-old Self

80 year old supermodel

What I imagine my 80-year-old self to be: wonderfabulous!

Wow, Tea. You just turned 46.

I remember that birthday. Ira took us to Portland and we explored the coast for a week in the winter rain.

A pretty good birthday for us.

Congratulations on a banner year, by the way.

Don’t worry. It gets so much easier.

Your belly isn’t the insurmountable mountain you think it is.

And yes, Sean turns out just fine and pays off his student loans lickety-split.

What I wanted to tell you, is that my world is very different from what you imagine it will be.

Better in some ways. Worse in others.

It’s good to be surprised, so I won’t give away the ending.

But my point is this: each moment and each breath count. Don’t waste them by living in the past or the future. Pay attention to what’s in front of you. Now.

Will you finally travel around the world? Sorry, I won’t tell you. If it’s important to you, you will. But even if you stay put in front of that computer, there’s an adventure waiting for you. And you’ll miss it, if you’re wishing you were somewhere else.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get out of that chair a little more often. A walk every day will do wonders for your heart — literally and figuratively.

Also, quit hating on your body. Love it. Take better care of it than I did!

And while we’re on the topic, watch a little less TV, kiddo. You’ll have more time to write those books. (Yes, books. Plural. You have much yet to share with the world!)

You’ll want to write those books now so that you’ll have more time with your grand kids later. (They’re adorable, by the way.)

Just…live whole hog!

It’s been a good life. Thank you for getting me here.



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6 responses to “A Letter from My 80-year-old Self

  1. I love the sweet, funny, & honest way your 80 year old self speaks to you – and the line: Thank you for getting me here. I thought about writing the same thing…

  2. Love it. Thanks wise granny (: You’re a cool one!

  3. Lindsay

    thank you for reminding to watch less TV , and keeping in the moment.

  4. exquisite!! I had such fun writing one myself. yours just makes me smile and nod along!

    p.s. mine said that I’ve never had a tv since ~ actually, I think that might’ve been me peeking in the back of the book. I’ve lived tv-less for 2 and a half years Now and oh my how differently wondrous it is!!

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