7 is the magic number

seven swimming pigs

I have to be honest. I’m not big on the tag-you’re-it kind of posts. But Melanie is a special case, so for HER alone, I am taking up the challenge. (Note: 5 of the 7 below are already on my Word Chef site…see, About the Chef – my apologies if you’ve already read them.)

Seven Random Facts about Me:

  1. At 9, I started a neighborhood newspaper and delivered hand-copied copies of local news to all the houses on the block. (It lasted for two issues).
  2. I was an extra in the made-for-TV movie Amos and my screen time is opposite the one-and-only Kirk Douglas as a hospital orderly (mopping the floor). This spurred a short pursuit of an acting career.
  3. I love teaching. It’s always been my dream to travel the world as a teacher/writer.
  4. I have a weakness for supernatural romance novels. The sexy ones. These usually involve vampires, werewolves and other kinds of fantasy beings typically found on the Syfy channel.
  5. Besides writing, I also love to create visual stuff. Paintings, drawings, multi-media…you name it, I’ve tried it. Most of my creations have been sold or given as gifts, so I don’t have many pieces left in “inventory.” I think it was my marketing skills that helped with that. I could just never produce enough art to make a living at it.
  6. I’m the oldest of six children. So I tend to be a little bossy. Somebody’s got to do it.
  7. I took 7 years of piano lessons, 3 years of flute lessons and my iPod has 23 days of music on it. I don’t play music anymore, but I never miss Glee.

I think I have about 7 readers out there for this blog…so if you’re reading this, YOU have been challenged to share 7 random things about yourself with me (and the other 6 readers) in a comment below. Ready? Go!



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2 responses to “7 is the magic number

  1. Your last line was hilarious! So I guess I make blog reader #8 😉

    Mel challenged me as well and because we love her, we’ll do what she tells us to do right?! 🙂

    Glad to have stopped over and look forward to connecting further!


  2. Here’s what I share with you:
    1. Oldest child (of 4). Therefore, also a tendency toward bossiness.
    2. Never miss Glee.
    3. I was a substitute teacher (grade school) for 5 years. I loved it, but man, was it hard work. Respect the teachers, people!
    Just me:
    4. I was in the Rose Bowl parade in high school.
    5. One of my first culinary experiments was a blueberry omelet. It turned a horrifying shade of green. If you don’t stress too much about it, a failure can be a learning experience and not a roadblock.
    6. My eyes are blue/green/gray (depending on the day), except for half my right eye, which is brown.
    7. I’ve moved to a brand-new city without a job. Three times. It’s all worked out fine, but I think I’m over that now.

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