Big D Day 5: A House Revealed


Stony Creek Metropark – one of many awesome spots in the 1500ish-acre park.

If you’ve been following this saga, you already know I was scheduled yesterday to tour the inside of a few homes.

And I did (which you’ll see in a minute).

But before we get to that, I want to just give a huge shout out to Michigan’s Metroparks system. When I’d finished my property tours and checked into my hotel (stayed in Troy, MI last night), I headed out to Stony Creek Park for a little quiet and relaxation.

It was AMAZING. And I say this as a California girl who isn’t easily impressed (we’ve got a lot going for us in CA, too!).

I saw lakes, creeks, paved bike trails, hiking trails, mountain bike trails, beaches with snack bars and out of the way water areas like the one above. There was also a golf course (where I enjoyed a quiet beer and turkey sandwich).

How did I know to go there? It was a tip from my lunch companion — one Ms. Cheryl Pickett — who I swear should start her own tourism/relocation podcast for the Greater Detroit area. The woman is a veritable fount of knowledge!

This Metropark System is impressive. Seriously, you should check out the website.

And can I just say that Michigan is one of the greenest states I’ve ever been in? (Not necessarily green as in eco-friendly. Although, there are folks who care about the environment here, to be sure.) I mean green as in lawns, grass, trees — it’s everywhere. You almost can’t tell the golf courses from the surrounding areas.

But back to the house hunting…

This one was my favorite — even before I saw the inside:

Grand Blvd, Detroit

Grand Blvd, Detroit

The house sits squarely inside the Island View Historical District (if you look on a map, it’s just blocks away from the river front — although I couldn’t see Belle Isle from there unless I was up in a balloon). Grand Blvd was originally constructed in the early 1900s as a way to emulate the streets of Paris. (Yes, I looked it up.) It was also meant to be the outer most city limit line, back in the day.

The house has a lot of good things going in her favor. Unfortunately, there’s an equally heavy list of concerns. Here take a look for yourself:

So besides the roof issue, and the near lack of plumbing (there might one functioning bathroom and the copper pipes in the basement are gone), the place has a few spots of dry rot, too.

After talking it over with Mr. Perfect last night, there’s still no firm decision on whether or not to make an offer — his argument (and I agree) is does it make sense to buy a house for peanuts and then put another $30-40K into it? Wouldn’t it be easier to just buy something at around $50-60K that was already livable?

Oh, that I didn’t love historic houses so damn much.

I’m back to researching properties — if only to see what’s out there in the $50K price range. Wish me luck?



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2 responses to “Big D Day 5: A House Revealed

  1. Hardest thing in investing is having patience. Keep looking. You need very deep pockets to renovate a big house. Yes, Good luck tomorrow. Have you done your visualisation board yet?

  2. Beverly

    I love hearing about your adventure!! Can’t see what happens today! 🙂

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