The Woman Behind the Blog

Hi there. I’m Tea. (Sounds like  Tay’ah).

Sometimes I hear a voice in my head that kind of narrates the day’s adventures.  On occasion, I also get a nasty urge to write down some of what that voice says (for the sake of posterity?). Whatever it means, I finally gave in and created this blog.

At the very least, my hope is that as I document my process of discovery and pure enjoyment, you too will benefit from my (sometimes) wild and crazy adventures. Or not. Either way, it’s a place for me to show up every day and marvel at the world.

I’m an entrepreneur, artist, writer, foodie and seeker of enlightenment. But mostly I feel like my life’s purpose is to experience life whole hog. All of it. Full out. The good, bad and the chocolate. Okay, mostly just the good and the chocolate. But contrast is helpful, right?

If I had a personal manifesto, it would go something like this:

Every day: be present. Savor each moment. Have real and meaningful conversations. Do something unexpected and unplanned. Explore and learn. Share myself. Do something creative. Be affectionate. Touch another human being. Laugh. Sing. Help someone. Remember the sacred.

Thanks for coming and enjoy the ride!


6 responses to “The Woman Behind the Blog

  1. Yay, Tea! I love your manifesto and I look forward to reading about your latest adventures! Great looking blog!

  2. Cynthia Sommer

    Hi Tea,
    So glad to see you writing–and your theme is perfectly suited to you. Any time for painting these days? Be nice to see your work on the blog too:-)

    • Hi Cynthia! Thanks for reading! I haven’t painted since I moved to SanJo, but yes, did one last year for Ira. Will definitely post if I do something. I keep thinking I’ll post photos of all the food I’m eating/making, but I always forget. LOL. Will be in Sacramento next week. Are you up for coffee on Monday a.m.? I have an 11:30 appt downtown and could probably meet you at 10?

      • Cynthia Sommer

        Hi Tea,
        Yes, let’s meet for coffee. Are you able to meet any earlier? I’ve got a meeting in EDH at 11, so may need some travel time. Do you need a place to stay or regroup? Mi casa es su casa…

  3. very nice.. love the pigs.. excellent stuff.. We’re originally from Jackson.. near Sacramento.. in Idaho now.. glad to have read your interesting writing… Lynda

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