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Have You Missed Some Posts?

Most folks kind of missed my last message about the blog moving…that might be you, too.

Here’s the thing: this email list (the one sending you this message) is NOT attached to the new blog.

You will need to resubscribe over at

My apologies for any confusion. I DO appreciate you reading and hope that you’ll want to continue getting an email update from me each time I publish a new post.


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Good-bye to the Big D


Hey Detroit,

We’ve been seeing each other about a week now, right?

Probably not long enough to know for sure whether we’d make a successful go of things. But I’m leaving tomorrow and I’ve made my decision.

I won’t lie to you and say something obnoxious like, “It’s not you, it’s me.”

Because it’s definitely both of us.

You’re a very special lady, D. Your history and architecture alone would be enough to keep some folks happy for years.

But let’s be real. You need a LOT of work.

In fact, you need an army of well-funded investors to come in here and save your at-one-time-gorgeous ass.

I wish that I could be one of that army. But that’s not really my thing.

I’m a lover, not a fighter.

And this is pretty much a war zone here.

Sure, I could show one of your beautiful homes a little TLC.

But you and I both know it would just be a drop in the bucket.

You’ve got over 35,000 buildings that need saving, for cryin’ out loud.

Clearly, I’m underfunded and ill-prepared for this kind of fight.

Besides, at some point winter will blow into town. And I watch enough Game of Thrones to understand that living through winter without a proper furnace, thick insulation and a water-tight roof is just asking for trouble. Big, BIG trouble.

I won’t lie. That house on Grand Blvd tempted me something fierce. And maybe if it needed just one of those things, I could give it a go.

But honestly, if I have to put that much money into a home to make it livable — even if it does have the most gorgeous floors and trim I’ve seen — then I have to consider other options.

Mr. Perfect was willing to join me in the adventure, so don’t blame him. But he did point out that we could also put $50K into a house that was already livable.

And I looked for a home like that. Truly, I did.

The problem is that they’re aren’t many houses like that available in the right neighborhoods.

I found two. And let’s just say, I learned a long time ago to buy the worst house on the block — not the best.

So, I’m sorry, D. It’s just not a good fit for us right now.

You need to know that you’ve left an indelible mark on me and I’ll never forget you.

Or your people. Seriously. They are your best asset.

They’re friendly and creative and full of grit. Plus, they stuck around when most others left.

They’re a strong lot, your people. Take care of each other, won’t you?

Your friend,

photo credit: Jose Chavarry via photopin cc


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An Ode to the Nerdy Man I Love

pig technology

Mr. Perfect and I celebrate three years of togetherness this month. Three!

And while I’m certain he knows how much I love and appreciate him, I thought it was time I proclaimed my adoration to the world.

You see, Ira isn’t like other (human) men I’ve dated (or married).

Yes, he’s power hungry — but for him, the hunger is for stronger/longer battery life; faster processing and more RAM.

Yes, he’s sex crazed — but for him, watching the cannibal mating habits of bugs on a Saturday morning goes a long way to satisfying his penchant for deviant behavior.

Yes, he watches too much football — but for him, it’s all about rooting for the underdog. Not a specific team.

Yes, he loves his movies with lots of explosions, chase scenes and dead bodies — but for him, nothing beats the new Star Trek.

Yes, he’s addicted to video games — but for him, it’s not about the killing. It’s about “shopping” for the right gear, potions and other magical accessories. (Ladies, you can kill anything if you’re wearing the right armor and wield the right weapon.)

Weird, right? But I love him.

Here’s more you should know about Mr. Perfect:

He never brings me flowers. (Okay, there was that one time when we were first living together and it was my birthday and he thought he had to…) But he does bring me cookies and other little treats from work.

He never tells me I’m beautiful. (Okay, there was that one time when I showed up at his house in just a leather trench coat…) But he does hold my hand while we’re snuggling on the couch or driving in the car.

He never buys me jewelry. (Okay, there was that one time in Mexico when I found a silver ring I liked and he bought it for me…) But he does buy me gadgets. I never want for a fabulous cell phone, tablet or laptop.

He never writes me love poems. (Okay, we did exchange some pretty hot emails and texts when we were first dating…) But he does watch the occasional chick flick with me. He digs a sweet love story just as much as I do.

And ladies, he also…

  • Does more than his fair share of the laundry and house keeping;
  • Has a great sense of humor;
  • Loves to eat my cooking;
  • Calls when he’s going to be late;
  • Puts the toilet seat down; and
  • Keeps my computer running like a well-oiled machine.

Don’t be jealous. 😉

I’m sure he’s just here to observe the human natives and will report back to his home planet shortly.

And when he goes? I’ll miss him like a nerd misses math in the summer.

Apparently, this woman knows a thing or two about nerdy men, too:

Do you have a nerdy or geeky man? What do you love most? Let’s commiserate share!

Photo Credit: Animal Buddy


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