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The Whole Hog is Marveling on a New Domain

The time has come to make things official. To move out from under the wing and into the land of self-hosted websites.

In other words, from now on, you can just type “” into your browser to find the blog (instead of the much longer “”).

Unfortunately (fortunately?) that means that in order to keep getting the occasional posts via email, you’ll need to pop over to the new site and resubscribe.

While you’re there, take a look at the new ‘do and let me know what you think. It’s both minimalist and whole hog at the same time.


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The Big D Day 2: A Bit Brighter


Photo Credit: Meredith Fleischer (Click the image to visit her website)

Yesterday’s adventures started off with a driving tour of the downtown area. Yep, I just drove myself around for nearly two hours. I was warned that it would be worse than what I’d seen the day before, but honestly — I think the vibe is much better.

Take a look for yourself. (And see? I’m getting better at this video editing thing!)

The areas you see on the video encompassed Cork Town (Detroit’s oldest neighborhood), the mid-town area, Belle Isle and the river front, and last but not least, the downtown itself.

Obviously, not everything I saw is included here.

Yes, I saw abandoned and boarded up buildings — just like I had the day before. Piles of rubble here and there. Graffiti, too.

But there was a difference that I can only attribute to the people. I saw lots of them.

It felt very much like Oakland, CA. The waterfront, the artsy energy, and the grit around the edges.

Obviously, this isn’t a lonely place. And the real estate prices certainly reflect that. (Prices range from 20K to 500K+ depending on the specific neighborhood and size of the property.) So it remains to be seen whether or not there’s anything left at a price that would lure me away from my¬†California¬†winters.

Last night, I stayed in Dearborn — a very nice suburb just outside the city and home to the Henry Ford History Museum. (The entire town looks like a golf course — manicured lawns everywhere.)

And I had the great pleasure of sharing sushi with a client and her husband — folks I’ve only known online until now. Bless them for driving in from Ann Arbor!

On today’s agenda: lunch with some entrepreneurs at a downtown co-working space called the Green Garage (lots of interviews to come!). And then spending the rest of the afternoon looking at real estate with an agent. Tonight, I stay at an Airbnb condo in the downtown area.

p.s. – Thanks so much for all your tips and sharing of local friends’ contacts. I’m following up with all of them this weekend.


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